Revolution in Project Management

Powerful 3P Management

ISETIA 3P  will help you to create as many projects, programs and portfolios as you need. It makes it easy to define projects, scope deliverables, and assign and share tasks with your team members.

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Contract Managment AREA

ISETIA will meet the needs of your organization and your bottom line every step of the way from basic contract and organizing to the complex administration of corporate contracts.

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Manage Your Documents

ISETIA is a secure, easy to use web-based Document Management system which allows you to manage your documents more efficiently, increase productivity, and meet compliance requirements.

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Collaboration Platform

ISETIA provides real-time collaboration through   team members who are scattered across need a way to interact with teammates even when geographically separated.

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Awesome 3P Management

Why you love iSetia

All-in-one document and project management software

Because we know project management

Improve business processes & Gain a competitive advantage

Reduce enterprise cost & Improve enterprise workforce effectiveness

Streamline the process of tracking time while managing tasks, milestones and projects

Keep your projects within scope and under budget

Stop stringing together multiple apps — let Intervals handle your entire workflow.

Know exactly where your time and efforts are going.

There is a powerful engine behind us.

Personel Dashboard functionality and powerful reporting engine.

You can create your own ISETIA Board templates for flows and phase control

New approach of project & document management you can use extreme useful Agile methodology

Promote document accessibility and collaboration

Work better together and more efficiently as a team, with this smart collaboration

Get the information  when and where you need.

Ready for an irreversible & ultimate experience?

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