ISETIA is run on a cloud network and offers a solution for Portfolio Program Project Management, which will present clients the opportunity to integrate their project & document & contract in the same platform.

ISETIA is designed to help small, medium and big size organizations manage their projects successfully. We offer a number of pre-configured solutions aligned to different project environments and needs, which will allow users to begin benefiting from our solution immediately.  Our flexible license and pricing model allows you to pay as you go and scale as required by your changing business needs.

ISETIA helps to plan, manage, collaborate, execute and report documents on projects, programs and portfolios.

Our solutions help businesses to automate a consistent and repeatable processes, to increase efficiency, improve visibility, and better utilize resources. These businesses benefit by improving productivity, reducing operational costs, and mitigating risk.

Integration of iSETIA

The platform can be installed on a customer’s internal servers, or accessed through the Cloud as a hosted SaaS solution. Either way ISETIA is delivered on demand, offering immediate availability, affordable subscriptions and rapid adaptation to a customer’s methodology and process. Our customers achieve immediate results in the form of improved margins, on time delivery, satisfied customers, and competitive advantage.

Advantage of iSetia

One of the biggest advantages of ISIETA is giving full integrated project management and document management functionality in one platform. The program is fully adaptable and tailored to the needs of the customer. If the customer only requires ISETIA for document management, it is possible to just use the document management component or integrate this software into their existing project management software.

Global changes and market impact continuously create new demands for an organization. Our philosophy is therefore to give you strategies, systems, ways of working and skills that give you the conditions for both a sustainable and optimal result. We have more than 20 years of experience and ISETIA is a combination of the best functionality of other market leaders in IT solution providers.

Why we are good at management

We design and deliver structured group decision processes and tools. Our methods are people focused, they are inclusive and transparent, and build on robust and validated decision theory. We have full support of known project management methodology but we aim for ISETIA to be compatible for your organization and easily customisable for your business needs.

Document Management
3P Management
Cost Management

Utilize Upper Technology

Implement Solution needs to be more than just functional and reliable. We go the extra mile to ensure that our systems have a high level of usability, proficiency, creativity and mobility. We utilize technology to make life easier for our clients with a variety of functionality. This lets you manage your fleet anytime, almost anywhere.

You become more productive, giving you more time to do other things…

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