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Regular ISETIA is cool and simple. Users however need to sing up so that they are capable of real management.
Now you can create your own project from scratch and display anything using ISETIA.
Through using the revolutionary interface of ISETIA, you will be able to display your work with many different styles and formats.


ISETIA is a secure and easy to use web-based Document Management system which allows you to manage your documents more efficiently, increase productivity, and meet compliance requirements. It can be quickly and effortlessly integrated into any size company across multiple industries and is fully customizable. ISETIA promises to deliver big business functionality with a small business investment to help your organization become more efficient and cost effective. You can easily collect your documents securely online, guarantee that only accurate, up-to-date versions are used, drive the completion of document related tasks, ensure that you are fully prepared for audits and reduce man hours and administrative costs.

Our secure, online system is easy to setup or open up an account with us. Customers can immediately control, share, collaborate and track the use of confidential documents. Using our system you can automate accounting procedures, manage project documents, collaborate with customers and vendors and integrate with any existing PM, ERP, CRM, or HRMS documents. 

The system comes with out-of-the-box standard document management functionally and our customers will make the decision to use the system instantly.

ISETIA provides project and document management functionalities on the same interface, by this way users can attached documents to any project and activities. With ISETIA all of your project information and documents will be on the same platform, easing the workload of our users.

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ISETIA 3P will help you to create as many projects, programme and portfolio as you need. It makes it easy to define projects, scope deliverables, and assign and share tasks with your team members. ISETIA will also help to achieve your deadlines and your budgets, and help you successfully accomplish your project goals, with less effort.

Many businesses today still rely on manual tools for project planning and reporting. People are still using excel worksheets.  These tools are typically located on a client’s computer and are not intended for enterprise use. Data that is transferred and updated through email or other means is not considered to be real-time information and can become out of date quickly leading to project conflicts and inconsistencies. According to a PMI article, project managers spend approximately 30% of their time in meetings and 70% of their time gathering data, across ad 2-4 week period. Project transparency is critical for proper decision making and improved project performance. With ISETIA, users can still use their favourite planning software and excel but all project information and documents will be stored on a central database and all users will collaborate dynamically. By this access to real-time data, team members are given an invaluable insight helping them to get the work done. Team members no longer have to rely on hallway conversations or meetings to give project status. Reduction of resource time can also be significant when leveraging an enterprise PPM system. Centralised data leads to insight and effective real-time collaboration which results in increased productivity.

ISETIA 3P management can bring many benefits to your business. Benefits of implementing effective PPM Methodology and Solution include;

  • Increased project delivery success.
  • Increased Risk Assessment.
  • Reduced overspending.
  • Faster project turnover times.
  • Increase in Quality.
  • Reduction of “no value” projects.
  • Streamlined data and increased
  • Improved decision making regarding business strategy.
  • Simulate your planning alternatives interactively.
  • Better Efficiency in Delivering Services.
  • The ability to check the feasibility of new projects and the entire project portfolio.
  • Ease and simplicity for staff with a single point of contact running the overall project.
  • Reduce the chance of a project failing.
  • Consolidate project and portfolio planning from different sources in one single tool.

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ISETIA provides our clients with the most robust and easy-to-use contract management software solution on the market. Our system is designed to improve the contracting process and sets the standard for enterprise contract management’s best practices from the ground up to save your organization money while maximizing your productivity.

It’s possible to significantly decrease the amount of time and resources required to manage and administer all of your contracts with ISETIA.

ISETIA will meet the needs of your organization and your bottom line every step of the way, from basic contract and organizing to the complex administration of corporate contracts.

ISETIA streamlines and simplifies the contract management process and designed to transform the way you do business with minimal time and effort.

Streamline operations through contract lifecycle management.

Standardize and control contract development.

Collaborate with all stakeholders.

Dynamic reporting and configurable dashboards.

Uncover risk and improve compliance.

Provide greater visibility into contracts.

Improve tracking and enforcement of compliance.

Fulfil commitments on time with alerts and reminders.

Cost savings and revenue maximization, both for small and large enterprises.

Flexible reporting tools allow users and managers to analyse and optimize the contract portfolio.

ISETIA  provides centralized storage of draft and final contracts — in Word, PDF or XML format — solves the problem of lost paperwork and version confusion.

Triggers and alerts ensure that milestones, renewals and other important dates are not missed and provides visibility to Contract Managers, Contract Administrators and Compliance teams. .

Take control of your contracts, never miss an important deadline and reduce your exposure to risk….

Contact us today to experience for yourself why ISETIA is the best in Project, document and Contract Management software

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ISETIA provides real-time collaboration for team members no matter where they are. ISETIA combats this challenge with an online interactive forum where team members can post a topic, discuss critical ideas and issues, understand risk and help to manage the information in one place. You can express your views now by attaching files for a topic. By doing so you can substantiate your views with an attachment, blogs or other useful links.

  • Easy to use, nothing new to learn.
  • Collaborate securely from anywhere
  • Increase visibility
  • Create discussion quickly and easily
  • Work quickly and effectively with all stakeholders via a shared workspace on a multi-tenant, web-based platform.
  • Stay informed throughout the contract cycle with automatic alerts, handy dashboards, and configurable reports
  • Post a topic and let your teammates share their views to know the exact requirements to start a new project. While starting a topic, you can also notify your team members who are interested so they are aware it
  • An idea is only great when it’s shared. Use our interactive message boards to post topics, spark conversations, and increase collaboration. Unlike e-mails, everyone can participate in the discussion, and put threads in distinct folders for easy access.
  • Stay informed about any off-contract activity with a controlled processes, automated tracking, and a full audit trail.
  • Our built-in chat feature lets everyone come together to discuss important topics, share ideas and resolve problems…in real-time.


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